201 304 316 316L Steel Plastic Covered Stainless Steel Cable Tie

201 304 316 316L Steel Plastic Covered Stainless Steel Cable Tie

1.2mm Thickness PVC Covered Stainless Steel Cable Ties  
Element Information:

       1.Distinctive self-locking mechanism allows simple and swift operation
       2.Higher tensile strength 
       4.Coated tie supplies superior insulation and protection  of cable, as well  as safer operation 
       5.Uncoated tie for high temperature apps. 
       6.Stainless steel sort:304,316 
       7.Coating: PVC,Nylon,Epoxy,Polyester
       8.All lengths are obtainable

Product Demonstrate: 

1).Stainless Steel PVC Coated Cable Ties-Ball Locking Kind

Specification Duration
 Thickness      mm           
Max Bundling Diameter
tensile strength
YFCJ-five.6*a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty(5.nine) five.6(.22) 1.2 37(one.46) 600(135) one hundred
YFCJ-five.six*200 two hundred(7.87) fifty(1.97)
YFCJ-five.6*250 250(nine.84) 63(2.48)
YFCJ-five.six*three hundred three hundred(11.eight) seventy six(two.ninety nine)
YFCJ-five.6*350 350(13.78) 89(3.5)
YFCJ-5.6*400 four hundred(15.75) 102(4.02)
YFCJ-five.six*450 450(seventeen.seventy two) a hundred and fifteen(four.fifty three)
YFCJ-five.6*five hundred five hundred(19.69) 128(5.04)
YFCJ-five.6*550 550(21.65) 141(5.55)
YFCJ-5.six*600 600(23.sixty two) 154(six.06)
YFCJ-5.six*650 650(25.fifty nine) 167(six.fifty seven_
YFCJ-five.6*seven-hundred 700(27.56) a hundred and eighty(7.09)
YFCJ-nine*a hundred and fifty 150(5.9) nine(.35) 1.2 37(1.46) 800(one hundred eighty) a hundred
YFCJ-nine*200 two hundred(seven.87) fifty(one.ninety seven)
YFCJ-nine*250 250(9.eighty four) sixty three(two.48)
YFCJ-nine*300 three hundred(eleven.8) seventy six(two.99)
YFCJ-nine*350 350(13.78) 89(3.five)
YFCJ-9*four hundred 400(fifteen.75) 102(four.02)
YFCJ-nine*450 450(seventeen.seventy two) one hundred fifteen(four.53)
YFCJ-nine*five hundred five hundred(19.sixty nine) 128(5.04)
YFCJ-nine*550 550(21.sixty five) 141(five.55)
YFCJ-9*600 600(23.62) 154(6.06)
YFCJ-9*650 650(25.fifty nine) 167(6.57_
YFCJ-9*seven-hundred 700(27.fifty six) 180(7.09)
YFCJ-sixteen*200 200(7.87) sixteen(.sixty three) one.2 50(1.97) 1200(270) one hundred
YFCJ-16*250 250(nine.84) sixty three(two.forty eight)
YFCJ-16*300 300(eleven.eight) seventy six(two.ninety nine)
YFCJ-sixteen*350 350(thirteen.78) 89(three.five)
YFCJ-sixteen*four hundred four hundred(15.seventy five) 102(4.02)
YFCJ-sixteen*450 450(seventeen.seventy two) one hundred fifteen(4.fifty three)
YFCJ-16*five hundred five hundred(19.69) 128(5.04)
YFCJ-sixteen*550 550(21.sixty five) 141(5.55)
YFCJ-sixteen*600 600(23.62) 154(six.06)
YFCJ-sixteen*650 650(25.fifty nine) 167(6.57)
YFCJ-16*700 700(27.56) a hundred and eighty(7.09)

two).Stainless Steel PVC Coated Cable Ties-Wing Locking Type

Specification Duration
Max Bundling Diameter
 tensile strength 
YFLJ-ten*a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty(5.nine) 9
one.2 37(one.forty six) 800(a hundred and eighty) a hundred
YFLJ-10*two hundred two hundred(seven.87) fifty(one.97)
YFLJ-ten*250 250(nine.84) sixty three(two.forty eight)
YFLJ-10*three hundred three hundred(11.8) seventy six(two.99)
YFLJ-10*350 350(13.seventy eight) 89(three.5)
YFLJ-10*400 400(fifteen.seventy five) 102(four.02)
YFLJ-ten*450 450(17.72) 115(4.53)
YFLJ-10*500 five hundred(19.sixty nine) 128(five.04)
YFLJ-10*550 550(21.65) 141(five.fifty five)
YFLJ-10*600 600(23.sixty two) 154(six.06)
YFLJ-10*650 650(25.59) 167(6.57)
YFLJ-10*seven hundred 700(27.56) one hundred eighty(7.09)
YFLJ-thirteen*150 a hundred and fifty(five.9) 13
1.two 37(one.46) 1200(270) 100
YFLJ-thirteen*200 200(7.87) 50(1.ninety seven)
YFLJ-13*250 250(9.84) 63(2.48)
YFLJ-13*300 three hundred(eleven.eight) seventy six(two.99)
YFLJ-13*350 350(thirteen.seventy eight) 89(3.5)
YFLJ-13*400 400(15.seventy five) 102(4.02)
YFLJ-13*450 450(seventeen.72) a hundred and fifteen(four.fifty three)
YFLJ-thirteen*500 five hundred(19.sixty nine) 128(5.04)
YFLJ-thirteen*550 550(21.65) 141(five.fifty five)
YFLJ-thirteen*600 600(23.62) 154(6.06)
YFLJ-thirteen*650 650(twenty five.fifty nine) 167(6.fifty seven)
YFLJ-13*seven hundred 700(27.56) one hundred eighty(7.09)
YFLJ-sixteen*two hundred two hundred(7.87) 16(.63) 1.2 50(one.97) 1500(337) one hundred
YFLJ-sixteen*250 250(nine.eighty four) sixty three(2.forty eight)
YFLJ-sixteen*300 three hundred(11.eight) seventy six(2.ninety nine)
YFLJ-sixteen*350 350(thirteen.seventy eight) 89(3.five)
YFLJ-sixteen*400 four hundred(fifteen.seventy five) 102(4.02)
YFLJ-sixteen*450 450(seventeen.seventy two) one hundred fifteen(4.fifty three)
YFLJ-sixteen*500 500(19.69) 128(5.04)
YFLJ-16*550 550(21.65) 141(five.fifty five)
YFLJ-sixteen*600 600(23.sixty two) 154(6.06)
YFLJ-sixteen*650 650(25.fifty nine) 167(six.57)
YFLJ-16*700 seven-hundred(27.fifty six) 180(7.09)

-Specific dimension and coloration can be JCPTized. 
-For info, please speak to YJCPT JCPTer service. 

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201 304 316 316L Steel Plastic Covered Stainless Steel Cable Tie