Concrete Surface Anchor Polylock Geo Lock

Concrete Surface Anchor Polylock Geo Lock

                                           Concrete Surface Anchor Polylock Geo lock

1, Anchor Polylock Geo Lock Introduction

Geomembrane relationship lock is related to the movie designed and concrete is extruded hdpe strip products, e or t-formed in cross-segment is suited firmly anchored in concrete.

two, Anchor Polylock Geo Lock Feature

(one) geomembrane connection lock is a adaptable water-resistant substance, with substantial seepage coefficient.

(two) getting excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, the temperature of the atmosphere of higher temperature a hundred and ten oc, low temperature -70

(three) has great chemical balance, resistant to acid, alkali, oil, corrosion is great anti-corrosion supplies.

(four) has a really large tensile toughness, it has a higher tensile toughness to meet up with the higher specifications of project wants.

(five) has a robust climate resistance, has a strong anti-growing older qualities, and prolonged use can sustain the unique performance

(six) has a strong tensile strength and elongation at crack, so HDPE geomembrane can be utilised in a selection of harsh geological and climatic circumstances. Robust adaptability to adapt to uneven settlement.

(seven) superb UV balance.

3, Anchor Polylock Geo Lock Application

(one) Environmental defense, sanitation (this kind of as landfills, sewage treatment method crops, electricity conditioning tank, industrial, clinic solid squander treatment plant slope)

(2) JCPT JCPT (reservoir dam seepage, consolidation, vertical coronary heart wall, slope safety)

(three) Municipal JCPT (subway, underground engineering structures, sewers lining)

(four) Backyard garden (synthetic lakes, rivers, reservoirs, golfing training course pond slope)

(5) Petrochemical (tank seepage, chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks lined chemical vegetation, oil refineries, gasoline stations)

(six)Mining (washing pool, heap leaching pool, the ash discipline, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, JCPTgs seepage slope)

(7)Mining (washing pool, heap leaching pool, the ash area, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, JCPTgs seepage slope)

(eight) Transportation amenities (basis reinforcement, subway, highway culvert seepage).

4, Anchor Polylock Geo Lock Set up Guidelines

E or T-lock installed in a placement reserved for a period of time of recess when pouring concrete, to be impervious construction of the E or T-type lock embedded in the groove, and pouring concrete forming once again, lock that is mounted on the surfaces of buildings, Laying of HDPE geomembrane extrusion welding and E-lock relationship.

E-LOCK specification
No. Ithem Specifics
1 examination task EVA ECB PE HDPE
two tensile power Mpa ≥16 ≥ 16 ≥14 >=seventeen
three elongation at break % ≥600 ≥550 ≥500 ≥650
4 Rectangular tear energy N/mm ≥50 ≥45 ≥50 ≥80
5 cold shortness oc-70 -55 -60 -77

Concrete Surface Anchor Polylock Geo Lock