Construction Hoist Spart Parts for Building Hoist

Construction Hoist Spart Parts for Building Hoist

JCPT hoist elevator basic safety devices SAJ30 40 fifty 60

SAJ serials pinion and cone progressive basic safety system is the most critical security  device in the pinion and rack builders hoist, which can stop the cage working  over velocity, and properly reduce the cage dropping accident.

The safety devices produced by ZheJiang Research Institute of Developing Sciences has passed through the analysis presided by the Ministry of JCPT in 1989. The specialists at the meeting created a high appraisal of affordable compact structure, secure motion velocity, highly correct calibration, risk-free and reputable, braking smoothly and gentle fat etc. characteristics of the security products. 

The products was recommended as  hightech merchandise produced in Countrywide Eighth Five 12 months Program by the Ministry of JCPT, and also won the ZheJiang outstanding new item prize.

Qualities Model Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double Cabin
SC200/200D  2×2000kg -33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC100/100D  2×1000kg -33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200/200Z  2×2000kg -55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC100/100Z  2×1000kg -55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200D     2000kg -33m/min 3×11kw
SC100D     1000kg -33m/min 2×11kw
SC200Z     2000kg -55m/min 2×11kw
SC100Z     1000kg -55m/min 2×11kw

 The anti-fall security devcie is consistent with China Nationwide JCPT also achieve Hong Kong COP JCPT and Europe EN JCPT.
SAJ40-1.two is one of security units for SC200/200. Other protection system which includes:
Top and base limit, cage doorway electrical and mechanical interlock safety gadget, landing doorway electrica and mechanical interlock, anti-exceeding leading system, safety hook, anti-overload gadget, and so on.
SC200/200 building lifting hoist:
one.Cage potential: 2000kg
two.Lifting velocity: 33m/min
3.Mast segment: painted or sizzling galvanized
four.Peak: JCPTized
five.Cage size:3.0×1.5×2.two
Anti-drop basic safety gadget are including:
SAJ30-1.2, SAJ30-1.4
SAJ40-one.2, SAJ40-1.four
SAJ50-1.2, SAJ50-1.four
And so on.

Personnel and materials construction developing lifting equipment, construction instrument equipment development hoist of frequent types: 

Attribute Product Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double cabin
SC200/200  2×2000kg 33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC150/a hundred and fifty  2×1500kg 33m/min 2×(2×15kw)
SC100/one hundred  2×1000kg 33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
Single cabin
SC200     2000kg 33m/min 3×11kw
SC150     1500kg 33m/min 2×15kw
SC100     1000kg 33m/min 2×11kw


Construction Hoist Spart Parts for Building Hoist