Dragon Crown Medical Surgery Device of Pkp for Vertebral Compression Fracture

Dragon Crown Medical Surgery Device of Pkp for Vertebral Compression Fracture

1. Standard Description
Vertebral Forming Unitized Surgical Devices Model 202 (PKP technique)are composed of
Puncture Needle, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pin, Dilating Tube, Operating Cannula, Strong Bone Drill, Hollow Bone
Pushing Rod, Cement JCPT Device, Balloon and Inflation Unit. There are two sorts of
Puncture Needle, Locking-manage and Rotary handle. The products are sterilized with ethyleneoxide. And the legitimate interval of sterilization is 24 months. Single use.

2. Contraindication

  1. Osteomyelitis
  2. A distinguished bone block to the rear vertebral entire body
  3. Tumor lumps in the rear facet, which may possibly include the vertebral canal
  4. Serious cardiopulmonary dysfunction, coagulation ailments, sepsis and the other conditions that is not suited for the procedure

3. Structure of instruments

    Instruments Construction Specification(mm)
    Puncture Needle with Locking Deal with

    one,Inner Stylet  two,Outer Sleeve  3,Outer Sleeve Handle 
    four,Stylet Handle  five,Locking Button

    Diameter three.,three.2,4.
    Length a hundred,126,one hundred thirty
    Puncture Needle with Rotary Take care of

    one,Internal Stylet    two,Outer Sleeve   3,Outer Sleeve Handle 
    four,Stylet Deal with

    Diameter three.,four.
    Length one hundred,126
    Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pin   Diameter one.2,one.five
    Size three hundred
    Dilating tube

    one,Dilating tube   2,Take care of

    Diameter three.four,3.six
    Size a hundred and forty
    Working Cannula

    1,doing work cannula  two,functioning cannula deal with

    Diameter 4.,4.2
    Length 123
    Sound Drill


    Diameter 3.,3.4,three.six
    Length one hundred ninety
    Hollow Drill   Diameter three.,three.four,3.6
    Duration 190
    Pushing Rod   Diameter two.
    Duration 220
      Diameter 3.,three.four
    Length 195


    1. Balloon   two,Ring Mark  3,Link Tube 

    4,Balloon Seat      5,Stylet Seat   six,Stylet

    Diameter 14
    Length seventeen

    one,Tee two,Large Pressure Tube three,Strain Gauge 4,Lock Nut Handle 5,Plunger Deal with

    Capacity 20ml
    Force 30atm

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    Dragon Crown Medical Surgery Device of Pkp for Vertebral Compression Fracture