Durable Nano-Plating Electronic ANSI Mortise Cylinder Door Lock

Durable Nano-Plating Electronic ANSI Mortise Cylinder Door Lock

Lock functions:

The microwave sensing technological innovation of forefront, even if the card is put in a black wallet, the lock can be simply open up.
Outstanding layout for protection
Surface colour tough and not simple to fade.
Open lock method:Playing cards, or crisis keys
Assist computer software and encoder
Ce accepted variety door locks
Assistance downloading the unlock documents just lately 200pcs
Decrease battery will alarm
Support double-lock the doorway within of room (only the crisis card can open up the doorway)

Technological parameter:

Energy supply:Dc 6v.The alarm point of low-voltage is four.8v.
Primary material:Metal, brass
Service longevity:A lot more than 100000 moments
Daily life time:10 several years
The variety of gate thickness:38~55mm
Recommended gate thickness:42~45mm
Excess weight:3.7kg
Surroundings need:Temperature:-forty five ~eighty degrees centigrade
Effective time of opening the lock:5 seconds
Quiescent current:<30 ua

Primary capabilities of the card technique:

Management classification–completely fifteen diverse sorts cards:Crisis card, master card, multilayer card, flooring card, guest card, staff card, backup card, momentary card, report lost card, terminating card, authorized card, cipher card, room quantity card, clock card, very clear card
The limited operate–as prolonged as the visitor is expected to verify out, the guest card will be inoperative routinely.Th
The report function–the lock data the most recent 200 occasions unlocking data.Th
The perform of staying away from disturbing–after the door is locked from the within, any card except unexpected emergency card can not open the lock.Th
The  function of alarm–once the batteries voltage is not adequate, the doorway isnt totally shut and other irregular circumstances, the lock will maintain to remind the user by buzzer.Th
The  access purpose–when necessary, we can set four types of locks which are area-access, ground-obtain, creating-obtain, and common obtain.

Chip amount Specialized grade
Electricity four aa alkalescency batteries,     dc 6v, use existence:One year generally
Operating temperature -10° c~60° c
Static working existing ≤ 40μ a
Motor starting up existing ≤ 120ma
Open lock time six seconds
Antistatic interference potential ≥ -15kv
Minimal electrical power alaarm four.8v± three%
Door not shut alarm Lock will voice if  the doorway not be closed properly
Unlock documents At the very least 200pcs unlock records
Lasting quality ≥ 100000 instances
Use daily life ≥ ten a long time
Recognized for door thickness 38~55mm
Recommend door thickness forty two~45mm
Average failure rate Standard use ≤ 1/50000 occasions
Lock fat three-three.8kg


Durable Nano-Plating Electronic ANSI Mortise Cylinder Door Lock