Electronic Hotel Door Card Lock

Electronic Hotel Door Card Lock

JCPTic Lodge Doorway Card Lock


Brand: JCPT

JCPTal: China

Dimensions: Close to 270*70mm

Minimal Voltage: Alarm

Installation Need: Thickness of door is a lot more then 38mm

Static Electrical power Consumption: < 10UA

Dynamic Power Use: 200mA

Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Sinc Alloy, Copper, Acrylic, PVD Plating, ect

Application: Supply our personal English application and SDK for your software

Temperature: > ninety threeºC

Static resistance: > 15000V

Functioning Voltage: 6V(four*1.5V Battery)

Operating Temeprature: -50ºC – eightyºC

RFID Wroking Distance: -10cm


Electronic Hotel Door Card Lock