Fully Automatic Pet Oil Bottle Blowing Machine

Fully Automatic Pet Oil Bottle Blowing Machine

A. Secure overall performance with superior PLC.

B. Conveying preforms instantly with conveyor.

C. Powerful penetrability and excellent and swift distribution of the warmth by permitting the bottles rotate by        itself and revolute in the rails concurrently in the infrared preheater.

D. Substantial adjustability to allow the preheater to preheat preforms in styles by changing the gentle        tube and the length of the reflecting board in the preheating spot, and everlasting temperature in        the preheater with an automated thermostatic apparatus.

E. Large safeties with security computerized-locking apparatus in every single mechanical action, which will        make the procedures change into a state of safety in situation of a breakdown in particular treatment.

F.No contamination and lower noise with the air cylinder to generate the motion rather of the oil pump.

G. Fulfillment with various atmospheric strain for blowing and mechanical action by dividing      the blowing and motion into 3 components in the air force diagram of the machine.

H. Powerful clamping drive with higher stress and double crank back links to lock the mildew.

 I.  Two approaches of operating: automatic and guide.

J. Secure, reliable, and unique design and style of the placement of valve to make the air strain diagram of         the machine less complicated to understand.

K. Reduced cost, substantial performance, effortless procedure, easy servicing, etc, with automated technological      process.

L. Contamination is averted for the bottle entire body.

M. Best result of the chilling with the chilling program.

N. Easy set up and starting up

O. Lower rejection fee: considerably less than .3percent.


Merchandise GM-6C
Bottle sort specification Cavity 6
Theory output 5000-6000
Max.quantity 2L
Bottle mouth maximum total diameter 28-38mm
Bottle largest diameter 100mm
Bottle optimum top 330mm
Energy specs JCPT tube amount 32pcs
JCPT tube electricity 1.25KW
Optimum heating energy 40KW
All electric device installation 43KW
True use 30.1KW
Air force specification Work stress 7-9kg/c
Minimal-stress fuel intake 1600L/min
Blow bottle force twenty five-35kg/c
Higher -strain gasoline intake 4000Ltr/min
Forzen water specification Work stress five-6 kg/c
Temperature assortment 10ºC
Consumption 8000kcal/hr
Forzen drinking water stream 88L/min
Equipment specification Dimensions of the device five.3×1.6×1.nine
Bodyweight of the equipment 3750kg

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Fully Automatic Pet Oil Bottle Blowing Machine