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Our experts and engineers have 23 several years of Expertise in the Bearing Industry. We are looking forward to building profitable business relationships with new clientele around the world in the future. Additionally, WE CAN Generate Personalized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Products In accordance TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. Description:
Different sorts of bearing housings
1)EPT blocks – these incEPTT UCP, HCP, UCLP, UKP, UCPX, and UKPX.
These mounted bearings are employed when assist for a rotating shaft aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s is required. Their style allows them to assistance the shaft in functions the place the mounting surface area is pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel to the shaft aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s.
The flange variety bearing housing will come in various designs and variations this kind of as square, spherical, and rhombus flange kinds.
3)EPTTke-up units type – UCT, HCT, and UKT.
These bearing housings have an inner surface area which is concave sphered consequently the bearing employed has a convex sphered outer surface area. They are made to permit moderate first misplacement. Broadly utilized in conveyor EPTs and conveyor belts. A sliding slot at the aspect of the housing faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.tates the free motion of the unit.
four)Cartridge kind – UCC, HCC, and UKC.
This kind of bearing housing has a cylindrical outer perimeter therefore the bearing outer bore is spherical. The complete device makes it possible for totally free motion in the aXiHu (West EPT) route and is self-aligning. This kind can be utilised as totally free facet bearings for EPTT shafts simply because they are able of accommodating shaft growth or contraction due to temperature variations. Also suitable in which there is adjustment of the aXiHu (West EPT) direction is necessary.
five)EPT duty varieties SAFD, SBFD, SAFW, SBFW, SAEPTT, and SBEPTT.

EPT block application:

EPT block employed for agricultural EPTTry , transportation systems or development EPTTry , textile EPTTry , EPT EPTTry

NA/HC/GE Series insert bearings catalogue :

relubricable relubricable relubricable
type incorporate variety include type insert p
suffix quotG quot suffix quotD1 quot refix quotG quot
NAS201 HCS201 UGW201 EX201 YEL203/12-2F
NAS201-eight HCS201- eight UGW201-8 EX201-eight 1008KRRB
NAS202 HCS202 UGW202 EX202 E15KRRB YEL203/15-2F
NAS202-nine HCS202-9 UGW202-9 EX202-9 1009KRRB
NAS202-10 HCS202-ten UGW202-10 EX202-10 1571KRRB
NAS203 HCS203 UGW203 EX203 E17KRRB YEL203-2F
NAS203-eleven HCS203-11 UGW203-eleven EX203-eleven 1011KRRB
NA201 HC201 UG201
NA201-8 HC201-eight UG201-8
NA202 HC202 UG202
NA202-9 HC202-nine UG202-nine
NA202-ten HC202-ten UG202-ten
NA203 HC203 UG203
NA203-eleven HC203-11 UG203-11
NA204 HC204 UG204 UEL204 E20KRRB YEL204-2F
NA204-twelve HC204-12 UG204-12 UEL204-012 1012KRRB YEL204-012-2F
NA205 HC205 UG205 EX205 UEL205 E25KRRB YEL205-2F
NA205-thirteen HC205-13 UG205-thirteen EX205-13 UEL205-013 1013KRRB
NA205-fourteen HC205-14 UG205-fourteen EX205-14 UEL205-014 1014KRRB
NA205-fifteen HC205-15 UG205-fifteen EX205-fifteen UEL205-015 1015KRRB
NA205-sixteen HC205-sixteen UG205-sixteen EX205-16 UEL205-one hundred 1100KRRB YEL205-100-2F
NA206 HC206 UG206 EX206 UEL206 E30KRRB YEL206-2F
NA206-seventeen HC206-17 UG206-17 EX206-seventeen UEL206-one hundred and one 1101KRRB
NA206-18 HC206-eighteen UG206-eighteen EX206-18 UEL206-102 1102KRRB
NA206-19 HC206-19 UG206-19 EX206-19 UEL206-103 1103KRRB
NA206-20 HC206-20 UG206-twenty EX206-twenty UEL206-104 1103KRRB3 YEL206-104-2F
NA207 HC207 UG207 EX207 UEL207 E35KRRB YEL207-2F
NA207-20 HC207-twenty UG207-twenty EX207-20 UEL207-104 1104KRRB
NA207-21 HC207-21 UG207-21 EX207-21 UEL207-a hundred and five 1105KRRB
NA207-22 HC207-22 UG207-22 EX207-22 UEL207-106 1106KRRB
NA207-23 HC207-23 UG207-23 EX207-23 UEL207-107 1107KRRB
NA208 HC208 UG208 EX208 UEL208 E40KRRB YEL208-2F
NA208-24 HC208-24 UG208-24 EX208-24 UEL208-108 1108KRRB YEL208-108-2F
NA208-25 HC208-25 UG208-25 EX208-twenty five UEL208-109 1109KRRB
NA209 HC209 UG209 EX209 UEL209 E45KRRB YEL209-2F
NA209-26 HC209-26 UG209-26 EX209-26 UEL209-110 1110KRRB
NA209-27 HC209-27 UG209-27 EX209-27 UEL209-111 1111KRRB
NA209-28 HC209-28 UG209-28 EX209-28 UEL209-112 1112KRRB YEL209-112-2F

1104KRR SA204 UC324 UC305
1105KRR SA205 UC322 UC218-56
1106KRR SA206 UC320 UC218
1107KRR SA207 UC319 UC217
1108KRR SA208 UC318 UC216
1109KRR SA209 UC317 UC215-48
E30KRR SA210 UC316 UC215
E35KRR SA211 UC315 UC214
E40KRR SA212 UC314 UC213-40
PDN308 SA213 UC313 UC213
PDN309 SA214 UC312 UC212-39
PDN310 SA215 UC311 UC212-36
PDN311 SA216 UC310 UC212
PDN312 SA217 UC309 UC211-32
PDN313 SA218 UC308 UC211
PDN314 SA220 UC307 UC210-31
PDN316 UC204-twelve UC306 UC210-thirty
UEL206 UC204 UC205-16 UC210
UEL207 UC202-10 UC205-15 UC209-28
UEL208 UC201-eight UC205-fourteen UC209-26
UEL209 UEL204 UC205-thirteen UC209
UEL210 UEL205 UC205 UC208-24
UEL211 UEL215 UC206-twenty UC208
UEL212 UEL216 UC206-eighteen UC207-23
UEL213 UEL217 UC206 UC207-22
UEL214 UEL218 UEL220 UC207-20


Design d(mm) D(mm) T(mm) W(kg)
SB201 twelve forty 22 .one
SB202 fifteen 40 22 .1
SB203 seventeen forty 25.4 .1
SB204 20 forty seven 25 .15
SB205 25 52 27 .18
SB205/S twenty five fifty two 28 .18
SB205/HQ1/S twenty five 52 28 .18
SB206 thirty 62 29 .twenty five
SB208 forty 80 34 .six
SB208G forty eighty 34 .6
SB208/S forty eighty 38 .six
SB208/HQ1/S 40 eighty 38 .6
SB209 forty five eighty five 36 .seventy three
SB209H 45 eighty five 43.five .seventy three
SB210 fifty 90 38 .86
SB211 fifty five a hundred forty one 1.1
SB212 sixty a hundred and ten fifty 1.two
SB215 75 130 sixty one.6
SB201-8 12.7 40 22 .one
SB201-8G 40 22 .one
SB202-9 fourteen.288 40 22 .1
SB202-ten 15.875 40 22 .1
SB203-eleven seventeen.462 forty 22 .1
SB204-12 19.05 forty seven 25 .15
SB204-12G 19.05 47 twenty five .fifteen
SB204-fourteen 22.225 forty seven twenty five .15
SB205-fourteen 22.225 fifty two 27 .fifteen
SB205-fifteen 23.812 52 27 .18
SB205-sixteen 25.4 52 27 .eighteen
SB206-17 26.987 sixty two 29 .eighteen
SB206-eighteen 28.575 62 29 .eighteen
SB206-19 thirty.162 62 29 .27
SB206-20 31.75 sixty two 29 .27
SB207-20 31.seventy five seventy two 32 .27
SB207-21 33.338 72 32 .forty two
SB207-22 34.952 seventy two 32 .42
SB207-23 36.512 72 32 .42
SB208-24 eighty 34 .six
SB208-25 39.688 80 34 .six
SB209-26 forty one.275 eighty five 36 .seventy three
SB209-27 42.862 85 36 .73
SB209-28 44.45 85 36 .seventy three
SB209-29 46.04 90 38 .73
SB210-thirty 47.625 90 38 .86
SB210-31 49.212 ninety 38 .86
SB210-32 50.8 90 38 .86
SB211-32 fifty.eight one hundred 41
SB211-33 fifty two.39 one hundred 45.three 1.1
SB211-34 fifty three.975 100 41
SB211-35 55.562 one hundred forty one
SB212-36 fifty seven.fifteen 110 one.1

one) UCP201, UCP202, UCP203, UCP204, UCP205, UCP206, UCP207,
UCP208, UCP209, UCP210, UCP211, UCP212, UCP213, UCP214
UCP215, UCP216, UCP217, UCP218, UCP305, UCP306, UCP307, UCP308, UCP309, UCP310, UCP311, UCP312, UCP313, UCP314, UCP315, UCP316, UCP317, UCP318, UCP319

2) UCF201, UCF202, UCF203, UCF204, UCF205, UCF206, UCF207,
UCF208, UCF209, UCF210, UCF211, UCF212, UCF213, UCF214,
UCF215, UCF216, UCF217, UCF218, UCF305, UCF306, UCF307, UCF308, UCF309, UCF310, UCF311, UCF312, UCF313, UCF314, UCF315, UCF316, UCF317, UCF318, UCF319

(3)UCFL201, UCFL202, UCFL203, UCFL204, UCFL205, UCFL206,
UCFL207, UCFL208, UCFL209, UCFL210, UCFL211, UCFL212,
UCFL213, UCFL214, UCFL215, UCFL216, UCFL217, UCFL218, UCFL305, UCFL306, UCFL307, UCFL308, UCFL309, UCFL310,
UCFL311, UCFL312, UCFL313, UCFL314, UCFL315, UCFL316,
UCFL317, UCFL318, UCFL319

UCFC: UCFC201, UCFC202, UCFC203, UCFC204, UCFC205, UCFC206,
UCFC207, UCFC208, UCFC209, UCFC210, UCFC211, UCFC212,
UCFC213, UCFC214, UCFC215, UCFC216, UCFC217, UCFC218

5) UCC201, UCC202, UCC203, UCC204, UCC205, UCC206, UCC207,
UCC208, UCC209, UCC210, UCC211, UCC212, UCC213

6) UCPA201, UCPA202, UCPA203, UCPA204, UCPA205, UCPA206,
UCPA207, UCPA208, UCPA209, UCPA210, UCPA211, UCPA212,

EPTT Device
Shaft Dia Dimensions(mm) Excess weight
d (kg)
mm h a e b
UCC202 15 seventy two twenty eleven.5 27.4 .forty five
UCC203 17 seventy two 20 eleven.5 27.4 .forty four
UCC204 twenty 72 20 twelve.three 31 .forty nine
UCC205 25 80 22 fourteen.3 .sixty five
UCC206 30 eighty five 27 15.nine .eighty two
UCC207 35 90 28 17.five forty two.nine one.03
UCC208 forty a hundred 30 19 forty nine.two 1.2
UCC209 45 one hundred ten 31 19 49.2 1.five
UCC210 fifty 120 33 19 51.six 1.nine
UCC211 fifty five one hundred twenty five 35 22.2 fifty five.six
UCC212 60 a hundred thirty 38 25.four sixty two.five
UCC213 65 140 40 twenty five.4 sixty three

Just before-product sales provider :
one.Provide bearing connected consultation about EPT and application
two.Support consumers about bearing option, power analysis, clearance configuration, products’ life and reliability evaluation
three.Offer you hugely EPT-effective and full answer plan according to website problems
4.Offer you localized system on launched gear to save working EPT
five.Design and style and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd bearing to help customers’ EPT innovation

After-sales services :
1.Provide coaching about bearing installation and servicing
two.Provide advice about bearing installation, adjustment and testing at site
three.Help buyers with difficulties diagnosis and failure examination
four.Go to consumers often and opinions their rational recommendations and needs to company

one. EPTT EPTT: plastic bag/plastic tube kraft paper carton plywood pallets
two. EPTT EPTT: 1pc/plastic bag color box carton plywood pallets
three. As the clients’ prerequisite

  in Ulyanovsk Russian Federation  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Y Series Pillow Block Ball Bearing with Eccentric Lock Collar Yel211-200 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ulyanovsk Russian Federation  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Y Series Pillow Block Ball Bearing with Eccentric Lock Collar Yel211-200 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler