Self Locking 4.6X200mm Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Self Locking 4.6X200mm Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Tie-Ball Lock Type

one. They have an distinctive ball locking mechanism that permit very easily and rapidly installed and not undone

2. Substantial tensile energy Non-flammability

3. Operating temperature: -60° C~150° C

4. High resistance to acetic acid, sulphuric acid, corrode and so forth.

Description of merchandise


JIONG No. Approx. length.
Approx. width
Max. Bundle Dia.
tensile strength
JHCN-four.6 x 150 150(five.9) four.six(.181) .twenty five 37(one.46) 600(one hundred thirty five) one hundred
JHCN-4.6 x 200 two hundred(seven.87) 50(one.97)
JHCN-four.6 x 250 250(9.84) sixty three(2.48)
JHCN-4.6 x 300 300(eleven.8) 76(2.99)
JHCN-4.6 x 350 350(13.seventy eight) 89(three.5)
JHCN-four.6 x 400 four hundred(15.75) 102(4.02)
JHCN-four.6 x 450 450(17.seventy two) a hundred and fifteen(4.53)
JHCN-four.6 x 500 500(19.sixty nine) 128(5.04)
JHCN-four.6 x 550 550(21.65) 141(5.55)
JHCN-four.6 x 600 600(23.sixty two) 154(six.06)
JHCN-7.9 x 150 150(5.9) 7.9(.311) .twenty five 37(1.46) 800(180) 100
JHCN-seven.9 x 200 200(seven.87) fifty(one.ninety seven)
JHCN-7.9 x 250 250(nine.eighty four) sixty three(2.48)
JHCN-seven.9 x 300 300(11.8) 76(two.99)
JHCN-7.9 x 350 350(13.seventy eight) 89(3.five)
JHCN-7.9 x 400 400(fifteen.seventy five) 102(four.02)
JHCN-7.9 x 450 450(seventeen.seventy two) one hundred fifteen(four.fifty three)
JHCN-7.9 x 500 five hundred(19.69) 128(five.04)
JHCN-7.9 x 550 550(21.sixty five) 141(5.55)
JHCN-7.9 x 600 600(23.sixty two) 154(6.06)
JHCN-7.9 x 650 650(25.59) 167(six.fifty seven)
JHCN-seven.9 x 700 700(27.56) one hundred eighty(seven.09)
JHCN-seven.9 x 750 750(29.fifty three) 191(seven.fifty two)
JHCN-7.9 x 800 800(31.five) 193(7.fifty nine)
JHCN-12 x 150 150(five.9) twelve(.472) .twenty five 37(one.46) 1200(270) 100
JHCN-12 x 200 200(7.87) 50(1.97)
JHCN-12 x 250 250(nine.eighty four) 63(two.forty eight)
JHCN-12 x 300 three hundred(11.8) seventy six(two.ninety nine)
JHCN-12 x 350 350(13.seventy eight) 89(3.five)
JHCN-12 x 400 four hundred(15.75) 102(4.02)
JHCN-12 x 450 450(17.72) 115(4.53)
JHCN-12 x 500 500(19.sixty nine) 128(5.04)
JHCN-12 x 550 550(21.65) 141(five.55)
JHCN-12 x 600 600(23.sixty two) 154(6.06)
JHCN-12 x 650 650(25.59) 167(six.fifty seven)
JHCN-12 x 700 seven-hundred(27.56) one hundred eighty(7.09)
JHCN-15 x 200 two hundred(7.87) fifteen(.59) .four 50(1.ninety seven) 1500(337) a hundred
JHCN-15 x 250 250(9.84) sixty three(two.forty eight)
JHCN-15 x 300 300(11.8) 76(two.ninety nine)
JHCN-15 x 350 350(13.78) 89(3.5)
JHCN-15 x 400 400(15.seventy five) 102(4.02)
JHCN-15 x 450 450(seventeen.seventy two) a hundred and fifteen(4.53)
JHCN-15 x 500 500(19.sixty nine) 128(5.04)
JHCN-15 x 550 550(21.65) 141(5.fifty five)
JHCN-15 x 600 600(23.62) 154(six.06)
JHCN-15 x 650 650(25.fifty nine) 167(six.57)
JHCN-15 x 700 seven hundred(27.fifty six) a hundred and eighty(7.09)
JHCN-15 x 750 750(29.fifty three) 191(seven.fifty two)
JHCN-15 x 800 800(31.five) 193(seven.fifty nine)
JHCN-15 x 1000 1000(39.37) 206(eight.eleven)


one. A cable tie, also known as a zip tie or tie-wrap, is a type of fastener, especially for binding several
electronic cables or wires together and to organize cables and wires.
2.In its common form, the nylon cable tie consists of a tape section with triangular teeth that slope in one direction. The head of the cable tie has a slot with a flexible pawl that rides up the slope of these teeth
when the tape is inserted. The pawl engages the backside of these teeth to stop removal of the tape.


A.Heat resisting, Acid & erosion control, insulate well and apt to age, Fire-retardant

B.With a roller ball locking device for high tension holding applications

C.Use in areas subject to high corrosion or chemical attack

D.Particularly suitable for use near water or where there may be salt spray exposure

E.Offer exceptional resistance to all types of weathering

F.Typical applications include aircraft, power plants, mines, tunnels and oil or gas platforming


one.Trade Items Of Products
Payment L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal
Port ZheJiang  or HangJCPT
Supply Ability 2Twenty-Foot Container/7 days
OEM Take
Shipping A.By Courier: 1-2 Working days by special offer
B.By Air: 2-7 Working days at appointed airport   
C.By Sea: 20-25 Working days at appointed port 
two.Packaging Of Products
A. Common Packing: 100 Pcs + Polybag + Label + Export Carton  
B. Common Packing: Header card packing, Blister with card packing, Double blister packing, Canister packing, other packing can be supplied according JCPTers requestColorful Inner Box + Export Carton            
C. JCPT Packing: OEM Label, Inner Box, Blister, etc.  

Self Locking 4.6X200mm Stainless Steel Cable Ties