Smart Home Intelligent Locks PCB Board with SMT Service

Smart Home Intelligent Locks PCB Board with SMT Service

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1.  Process capacity

NO Item Abilities
one Amount of Levels  2-twenty layers 
2 Completed Board Size(Max) 21.5″×24.5″(546mm×622mm)
3 Concluded Board Thicknes .126″- .016″ (.3mm-3.2mm)
4 Completed Board Thickness 
±3mil (board thickness≤ .8mm)
Board Thickness ≤ .8mm
5 Warp age(Min) ≤0.7%
six Drill Hole Diameter .005″-.255″ (.15mm~six.5mm)
7 Base Copper Thickness of Outer 
1/three OZ-3OZ (.012mm -.102mm)
eight Foundation Copper Thickness of Inner 
1/2 OZ-three OZ (.017mm -.105mm)
nine Variety of Base Material FR-four (130ºCTg-180ºCTg),CEM3,and many others
10 Facet Ratio of Plated Gap(Max) 10:01:00
11 Hole Diameter Tolerance(PTH) ±3mil ( ±0.075mm)
twelve Gap Diameter Tolerance(NPTH) ±1mil ( ±0.571mm)
13 Copper Thickness of PTH Wall ≥0.8mil (≥0.571mm)
fourteen Design Line Width/Room
of Inner Layer(Min)
H/HOZ 3.0mil/3.0mil(.075mm /.075mm)
1/1OZ 4mil/4mil(.1016mm/ .1016mm)
two/2OZ 5mil/5mil(.127mm/.127mm)
fifteen Style Line Width/Room
of Outer Layer(Min
T/TOZ 3.0mil/3.0mil (.075mm/ .075mm)
H/HOZ 3.5mil/three.5mil(.089mm/.089mm)
one/1OZ 4.5mil/four.5mil (.114mm/.114mm )
2/2OZ 6mil/6mil (.152mm/.152mm )
three/3OZ 7mil/7mil (.152mm/.152mm)
sixteen Solder Mask Bridge(Min)  2. 5mil (.064mm)
17 Dimension Tolerance (Hole to 
±4mil ( ±0.101mm)
eighteen Thermal Shock  288 ºC 10secs(3times)

19 Ionic Contamination  <1.56ug/cm2(NaCl)
20 Peel Strength  ≥1.4N/mm
21 Normal Impedance Control ±10%
22 Solder Mask Toughness >6H
23 Surface area Treatmet Nickel /Gold Plating, HASL(Lead-free of charge), OSP, 
ENIG, Immersion Silver, Carbon Oil, 
Peelable Mask, etc.

two. Direct Time

3. Significant Tools

four. Major Consumers

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Smart Home Intelligent Locks PCB Board with SMT Service