Zh-780g Bottom Lock Carton Folding and Gluing Machine

Zh-780g Bottom Lock Carton Folding and Gluing Machine

1050-Straight line Folding Gluing Equipment

1.Driving by synchronous belt,make certain easy and correct operating.
2.Inverter driving,steady and energy conserving.
3.Use electric change,effortless work.
4.JCPTmatic continuous feeding,use a number of belt with vibrating motor,(for larger configuration use drilled suction belt),to keep the feeding stable.
five.JCPTmatic counting and kicking,amount can preset.
6.Conveyer strain adjustable according to the box to ensure best quality.
two. Principal technical parameter:

Product ZH-M1050-S
Appropriate material Card board210-850gsm , B/C/E/F flute corrugated board
Max technique JCPTmatic steady feeding
Max mechanical speed 300m/min
All round dimension 15000*1900*1650mm
Weight 8.6T
Electrical power usage 14KW,380V,50HZ
Compressed air 6 bar,10 m³/h,sixty L

 Device configuration

Main motor GPG
PLC Siemens
Inverter Siemens
Contact display screen Siemens
Driving JCPT  NSK
Simple belt NITTA Japan
Minimal voltage equipment Schneider( Relays, contactor,breaker,Button)
Air cylinder AIR TAC ZheJiang
Photograph Swap Panasonic
Wall thickness 20m (right facet,remaining facet) tempered
Gluing program KQ CHINA
Servo motor Delta (ZheJiang ) for back again fold


one.Feeder Section

· Friction feeder. Independently driven by inverter.
   Adjustable digital pile vibrator.
· Lateral feed gates totally adjustable to the width of the blank.

two.Paper Alignment System:   
Independent part that registers the blank to 1 side making sure a perfect parallelism ahead of coming into the pre-folding or gluing sections.
   Independently pushed by motor.
   Possibility to sign-up on any aspect of the equipment.
   Fast and effortless setup.Configuration reducer, distinct bins when the conversion, the reducer with electrical regulation


3.Pre-fold Section: (choice)

   The pre-fold part has the gain to make the box more simple and effortless to open,even in some case the scoring is not really effectively.
   Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180º.
   3rd crease pre-folding set up to 135º.
   1st and third crease openers.
   Configuration reducer, diverse bins when the conversion, the reducer with electric regulation

4.Base Lock Section (option )
   Lock-base assembly mechanism with higher elastic hookers is of offer design and style,rapidly and easy operation.
 ·Independently driven by motor.
   Complete set of folding hooks and helixes for smooth and correct folding of entrance flaps
   Adjustable hook pressure.
   Fast and simple setup
   Configuration reducer, distinct bins when the conversion, the reducer with electric powered regulation.

5.Down Gluing part
 ·Two lower (left and correct) gluing tanks.
 ·Easy to eliminate and cleanse.

six.Folding Section

   Independently pushed by motor.
   JCPT and accurate folding of 2nd and 4th creases.
   Outer folding belts adjustable up to 180º with variable pace managed by inverter
   Easy accessibility.

7.Trombone  Section

· Independently driven by motor.
· Upper and reduced push system for length adjustment.
 ·Allows a perfect understack or overstack stream of containers.
 ·Equipped with computerized belt stress-changing method.
 ·Continuous and automatic box selection mechanism that makes certain a neat transfer to the Push area, guaranteeing an aligned movement.

eight.Push Area
 ·Independently motorized pneumatic press part.
· Upper area moves again and forward through a motorized method, allowing different box duration.
· Pneumatic pressure regulation.

nine.Back-folding unit(choice)

 ·Motorized and untimed digital again folding system with smart servo-motor technologies.
 ·Two unbiased servo motors, a single for each shaft.
 ·Versatile and simple to setup.

Gluing system
1. Major technical parameter:
Product HZ4

Enter voltage AC220V (±20%)50-60HZ  
Energy 480W
Glue-like precision ±1mm
Gel-position four sorts
Design HB6
Guns three
To adhesives max viscosity 3000mPas
Each two-way transport effectiveness 6:1
Gasoline supply enter demands 2-8bar
Fat 25kg
Size 1280*480*600mm

Plasma Floor Remedy
Main technological parameter:

Design Clean-PL-5571  
Enter voltage AC220V
Nominal electricity 1500AV
Plasma power supply frequency 20-30khz
Air provide strain 60L/m³
Dimension 720*970*1270
Outlet angle <20mm
  two guns
Excess weight 95kg



Zh-780g Bottom Lock Carton Folding and Gluing Machine